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Fase-to-face psychotherapy

Personal meetings - this is a classic, traditional way of conducting psychotherapy, when all consultations are carried out in the office of the therapist. Despite the fact that with the advent of the Internet there was the possibility of conducting psychotherapy in a remote format, some people prefer precisely psychological therapy.
I work in the cognitive-behavioral direction, in the scheme-therapy, that is, approaches that have convincing scientific and clinical evidence of effectiveness for a wide range of mental health problems. I can turn to both for individual therapy and for the therapy of couples, family therapy.

What is important to remember about psychotherapy:

  • psychotherapy can enrich your life. It can be a great adventure. However, like any trip you are about to do, it carries an element of uncertainty;
  • be prepared to live up to your seemingly forgotten events in your life, you will have to work, even if it seems that you are stuck and there are no signs of improvement, you will have to endure difficulties starting to live in a new way;
  • it is not worth waiting for an instantaneous psychotherapy, especially when problems have accumulated over the years;
  • psychotherapy is a joint project, a therapist and yours: 50/50 - half the effort on his part, half of yours. Only then can you count on success;
  • psychotherapy takes time, effort and courage. This "demanding" aspect of psychotherapy may seem difficult to you, especially if you start in a difficult condition. When you feel depressed or anxious, you want an immediate improvement. You want to have someone take care of you in this state. In this case, the therapist may not resist temptation - to support you morally or council and you will go to happy home. Perhaps care of this kind is what you want, but it is not psychotherapy. In order to avoid further disappointments, you need to solve the main question for yourself - what do you want: to be care for you or to be taught you to take care of yourself?
  • you should not expect that psychotherapy will eliminate your problems. She will not remove the difficulties of your life, but will help you to meet them adequately. It is impossible to make rude and ill-wishers disappear from your path.

Injustices and unexpected disappointments will not be avoided in the future. But the more prepared, wise, flexible and free you become, the richer and more interesting your life will become.

The completed psychotherapeutic course will form the basis of your happiness, expanding the horizons of your perception of reality and revealing the path to the free choice of your path.

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