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Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ) Panic Screening Questions



Read each statement and decide whether you agree or disagree with it by choosing: "Yes" or "No".

Read all statements carefully and answer them.

Take the work seriously and carefully, as negligence and the desire to distort the result leads to unreliable research

After completing the questionnaire, click on the Process button.


1. Questions about anxiety.
a) In the last 4 weeks, have you had an anxiety attack ⎯ suddenly feeling fear or panic?

(If you checked “NO,” you do not need to answer b, c, d or 2)
b) Has this ever happened before?
c) Do some of these attacks come suddenly out of the blue ⎯ that is, in situations where you don’t expect to be nervous or uncomfortable?
d Do these attacks bother you a lot or are you worried about having another attack?

2. Think about your last bad anxiety attack.
a) Were you short of breath?
b) Did your heart race, pound, or skip?
c) Did you have chest pain or pressure?и
d) Did you sweat?
e) Did you feel as if you were choking?
f) Did you have hot flashes or chills?
g) Did you have nausea or an upset stomach, or the feeling that you were going to have diarrhea?
h) Did you feel dizzy, unsteady, or faint?
i) Did you have tingling or numbness in parts of your body?
j) Did you tremble or shake?
k) Were you afraid you were dying?