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A systematic review of the evidence base for Schema Therapy

Published on 02-12-2018

A systematic review of the evidence base for Schema Therapy, 2012

Сonclusions (briefly):

Schema Therapy is becoming an increasingly popular psychological model for working with individuals who have a variety of mental health and personality difficulties. The aim of this review is to look at the current evidence base for Schema Therapy and highlight directions for further research. A systematic search of the literature was conducted up until January 2011. All studies that had clinically tested the efficacy of Schema Therapy as described by Jeffrey Young (1994 and 2003) were considered. These studies underwent detailed quality assessments based on Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN-50) culminating in 12 studies being included in the review. Despite the relatively few studies published on the effectiveness of ST, what is noticeable are the relatively large effect sizes. ST appears to display larger effects than are generally found in psychotherapies for personality disorders (Perry, Banon, & Ianni, 1999; Leichsenring & Leibing, 2003). This finding provides strong rationale to continue developing and expanding the research in this field.


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