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Internet psychotherapy

The rapid development of information technologies, the widespread use of the Internet and the steady increase in the number of Internet users necessitate the use of scientific and technological advances to expand the possibilities of providing medical, psychological and psychotherapeutic assistance.

Internet psychotherapy, as a form of teleconsultation, is gaining more and more popularity in the world, causing genuine interest among specialists in the field of mental health, telemedicine and e-health.

Of course, the best option for the provision of psychotherapeutic care is an internal consultation, but:

Firstly, not everyone agrees to immediately go to see a psychiatrist, a psychotherapist. Some would like to first consult in absentia, and only then, if it is necessary to seek help directly.

Secondly, someone is attracted by the opportunity to undergo a qualitative anonymous psychodiagnostic examination and receive an anonymous consultation.

Third, some people prefer to receive services at reasonable prices without leaving their homes. Modern payment systems make it possible just as quickly and easily, without leaving home (or from your office), to pay for services via the Internet and thereby receive qualified assistance without any delay.

Fourthly, many people are deprived of the opportunity to get qualified help from a psychotherapist, since there are simply no such specialists where they live.

And, finally, our compatriots who, by the will of fate, turned out to be abroad, will be able to receive psychotherapeutic help in Ukrainian or Russian.

Among all types of psychotherapy, it is the format of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy that is most suitable for the implementation of psychotherapeutic assistance through the Internet, where the Internet acts as a means of communication (most often it uses audio, video conferencing, email, ICQ, specialized forums and chat rooms). others).

Currently, a sufficient amount of scientific evidence on the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral Internet psychotherapy has been accumulated. In particular, here you can get acquainted with a systematic review, compiled from the results of a study of data from more than 1 thousand scientific studies. According to the findings of scientists, there is convincing evidence of the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral Internet psychotherapy in eliminating the symptoms of depressive, anxiety (including severe forms) disorders, such disorders as social phobia, panic disorder, depression, eating disorders of behavior (bulimia, anorexia, overeating) , irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain, game addiction and a number of others.

It should be noted that, according to scientific research, cognitive-behavioral Internet psychotherapy, carried out online, in the mode of video conferencing (Skype, Zoom, etc.), is not as effective as cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, carried out in the usual full-time format.

Of course, in addition to a number of advantages (and, above all, this is unprecedented anonymity in the provision of psychotherapeutic assistance), Internet psychotherapy has its limitations. Therefore, before a therapeutic contract is concluded, a specialist needs to make a decision about the possibility of conducting Internet psychotherapy for the person who asked for help. To make a decision, a specialist needs to obtain maximum information about the patient.

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