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Clinical supervision in CBT

Clinical supervision is an important component in the training and development of a cognitive-behavioral therapist, not just for beginners, but for CBT-practitioners of any level.

Clinical supervision is one of the main ways by which you can continue to study, you can have the opportunity to discuss with the supervisor your therapy, you can check how well you are coping, you can identify the problem and find solutions, you can get new or develop your skills, and so on.

In order to maintain its level of competence as a CBT-therapist, clinical supervision can be used to achieve the following objectives:

  • development of skills: improvement of existing skills and acquisition of new skills
  • providing an external objective view of the psychotherapeutic relationship and the appropriateness of the therapeutic strategies used
  • providing support to KPT therapists in overcoming the difficulties that arise during therapy
  • monitoring and assessing the skills and practices of the GPT therapist.

Clinical supervision can be carried out both in the face-to-face format and online.

Realize the importance of constant development - apply for supervision!